1 thought on “Segundo ex-funcionário da CIA, EUA poderiam enviar “mini-armas nucleares” para a Ucrânia

  1. Evidence that Paul, the little one, was Flávio Josefus, the short one/Curtus:
    -Both were born from the Jewish elite and became citizens of Rome.
    -Both were Pharisees
    -Both were stoics
    -Both served in the Roman army
    -Both advocated slavery for the Jews
    -Both were in Nero’s presence to defend something
    -Both admired King Agrippa 2
    -Both suffered attempted death at the hands of the Jews and were stoned by them
    -Both praised the divine army of angels and saints of the Romans
    -Both criticized the Jews
    -Both were imprisoned for two years
    -Both wrote in Greek
    -Both were shipwrecked traveling to Rome and arrived in the city of Puteoli
    -Both were friends of Epaphroditus
    -Both were friends of Gamaliel (Jesus ben Gamal)
    -Both had their friend Jesus killed by the Jews (Jesus ben Gamaliel)
    -Both were prisoners and apostles (sent) of Christ/Titus/Vespasian
    -Both adopted Roman names after becoming servants of Christ (Titus Flávius and Paulo)
    – Both were against circumcision
    -Both advocated the submission of women
    -Both said that good slaves would purify themselves
    -Both spent three years in the desert

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