3 thoughts on “Bolsonarismo em decomposição

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S4ydzHL9xw

    In Tres Coracoes I was born
    There were three hearts that life gave me
    My mother’s love, my father’s example
    And the affection of my people that I never forgot

    football is for me
    Passion, emotion and success
    that I never imagined
    I was Pelé without knowing
    I accidentally became king
    This is what fate prepared for me

    But I had a lot to fight
    I never stopped preparing
    The gift I received, I always tried to take care of

    I am Pele
    Thanks to you
    I am Pele
    My legacy is for you

    Life taught me
    May the pleasure of that glory and that triumph
    It’s an instant of illusion
    But that the love of the people
    It doesn’t fit the reason
    It’s for life, it lights up the heart

    I want to leave the new generations
    My Legacy of Love
    my three hearts
    And everything I was able to learn
    To fight hard to win

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